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Franking machines from Neopost

A franking machine, or 'Postage Metre' is an invaluable resource for the modern workplace. Franking machines can instantly calculate exact postage costs and efficiently print barcodes on letters and parcels. From providing substantial cost savings for your business to improving your brand image, there are numerous advantages to utilising a franking machine. Neopost is a global leader in mailing solutions with a presence in more than thirty countries internationally. Their latest range of franking machines offer an incredible array of features with options available to suit businesses of all sizes, from low volume to high volume mail processing.


All of Neopost's franking machines are Mailmark compliant. This ensures that you will be able to access the lowest possible postal tariff from Royal Mail. This can provide significant savings as the Mailmark price for a 2nd class standard letter is 33% cheaper than a stamp. That means that the saving from sending just 2 letters per day will deliver savings for your business that would pay for 95 loaves of bread over a year! (1) Alternatively, sending 7 letters per day would provide annual savings equivalent to the cost of 808 pints of milk! (2) The franking machine's high level of accuracy in calculating postage costs also ensures that you will never again overpay for postage by unnecessarily purchasing additional stamps. You will also never again lose money through lost or misplaced stamps.

1. Based on 20p postage price saving for standard 2nd class letter stamp vs Mailmark franking. Average price for a 800g loaf of white sliced bread Feb 2019, £1.06 ( economy).
2. Based on 20p postage price saving for standard 2nd class letter stamp Vs Mailmark franking. Average prices for a pint of pasteurised milk Feb 2019, £0.45 and £3.66 for a pint of lager (


Utilising a franking machine can also save your business a significant amount of time. Franking machines remove the need for employees to wait in long queues for stamps and you won't waste time looking for misplaced stamps once purchased. Additionally, no-one in your team will need to spend time calculating postage costs, taking into account the letter's size and weight and cross-referencing this with pricing data which can quickly become outdated. The franking machine calculates the exact cost in an instant, and thorough a LAN connection, pricing data is always kept 100% up-to-date. Some machines can also save additional time by sealing and stacking envelopes.


Franked mail undoubtedly looks far more professional in contrast to using traditional stamps. Franking machines also provide the additional benefit of being able to print key marketing messages on all your envelopes to raise your brand visibility and awareness. This technology could enable you to alert your recipients to featured promotions, events, sales and new products. It also provides the opportunity to promote key slogans or tag-lines, or even simply incorporate your existing brand logo into your outgoing mail.


Through Neopost's online portal, MyNeopost, you can fully monitor and track your postal spend for a single site or multiple locations, providing complete transparency and control for your business. You'll also be able to access invoices, statements and other key documents at any time as well as being able to check your balance or make a payment.