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Introducing Skywell

The team at Netbox are delighted to offer the Skywell, a revolutionary water dispenser that can create up to 18 litres of water each day simply from the air. The Skywell offers numerous environmental, health and corporate benefits.


The Skywell's revolutionary technology is able to create drinking water from the air around us. It uses a six stage water filtration, UV purification and ozone treatment to remove impurities to create incredibly pure water, ready hot or cold. A monitoring system also ensures that water is of flawless quality every time. The Skywell also boasts an 18 litre daily capacity, all of which is produced without being connected to any outside water source ...all that's needed is to plug the machine in. An 8-inch interactive screen also displays key data including stored volume and water temperatures. The user interface can also be used to provide statistics on your employees' water consumption, wider environmental impact as well for programming the machine to achieve optimal efficiency.


Current statistics on the use of traditional water dispensing technology shows an urgent need for change. An astonishing 22.8% of the bottled water sold within the UK is imported. In addition, 9 million tonnes of plastic currently end up in Europe's landfills. In addition, traditional bottled water uses an incredibly inefficient process with it requiring 1.53 litres of water simply to produce 1 litre of bottled water.

This is where Skywell's environment benefits speak for themselves. The technology re-imagines the future of drinking water with a dedicated commitment to help reduce the world's continued use of plastic and its carbon footprint. The Skywell is not reliant on any pumping or piping. There's also no need for any deliveries of large plastic water bottles that require handling and storage or single-use plastic bottles. As its not dependent on any outside water source, the Skywell is also remains fully portable.


The water produced by the Skywell is meticulously filtered and the system's smart technology continuously monitors the quality of its water. This water contains none of the groundwater contaminants that can pass through traditional systems into your glass, nor any of the contaminants associated with bottled water.


The Skywell can play a vital role in improving and promoting the health and wellbeing of employees. The user interface features personalised avatars that encourage employees to sustain a healthy level of water consumption. It has been shown that sufficiently hydrated employees can have a significant effect on how alert and tired they feel as well as their likelihood of falling ill. The Skywell can also play key role in promoting a more environmentally friendly ethos through providing data on how many plastic bottles employees will have saved. The touchscreen can also feature your logo and can be utilised as your company's message board through WiFi.